Swat 2010
Swat September, 2015

This was very much time when Pakistan was going through one disaster after another. With the state exhausted and busy in security issues in one side and one natural disaster after another; Pakistan was hit with one of the worst floods in decades affecting over 50% of the country on a whole. Magnitude of the crisis was evidently not only beyond the Government’s capabilities but also of many organisations in operation. This time UOL Relief decided to further test her capabilities and her young volunteers’ resolve by operating in not only much larger geographical area but also in a much diverse locations. In next two years UOL Relief took on the mammoth task of running operations in three different provinces at the same time. With Charsada in Khyber Pakthunkawa, Rajanpur in Punjab, Chilas, Tatoo Valley, Thalay-Nala at Khaplu in Gilgit-Baltistan by providing food support, basic necessities of life, reconstruction support and material, bridge, water channels and even a primary school still run to this day by the UOL Relief.

Known as the super flood by the experts, it swept any infrastructure in its way. This is also when UOL Relief constructed infrastructure including bridge to connect tourist destination of Fairy Meadows with rest of the country, bringing very much needed tourism based income back into the local economy.

With all the great tasks we were able to achieve, we believe the greatest was helping children studying under a walnut tree in all sort of harsh weather to have a purpose built school again. With each graduating batch of these students from the primary school, we find solace that we were able to pitch in our very small part in a literate future. Beside the colourful houses of Thalay-Nala which we helped build; will always bring smile to our faces.

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