UOL Apricot Support Program
Gilgit Baltistan 2017-2021

Deep in the heart of the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain Ranges lies the picturesque land of Balitistan, Also called Little Tibet, the land is known for its scenic valleys, mighty towering peaks rising from 1000-8000m, and is also the source of the mighty River Indus that flows down to the Arabia Sea. The land of Baltistan consists of six major valleys: Skardu, Ghanche, Shigar, Kharmang, Rondhu, and Gultari. It is the largest apricot producing region in Pakistan and some of the world’s best and finest apricots are grown in this very area, particularly Ghanche. It is a common sight to see mountain roads lined with beautiful apricot trees, with branches bending with the heavily laden fruit during the summer months, adding to the enchanting beauty of the valley. The capital of Ghanche District is Khaplu and is considered one of the coldest places within Pakistan. It is often termed as the Third Pole with temperatures reaching below -20C in the winter, thus providing the ideal conditions for growing apricots, also termed as “gold of the snow” by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the former President of Pakistan.

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MERA School 2015
Green Town, Lahore September, 2015

Work for Education of poor Children who cannot afford the expenses of study. Work to uplift the standard of poor families through training and skill. Work to provide them a plateform for small business at home.

MERA SCHOOL is the educational place where the children and adults are provided education free of charge. The education will be provided in both English and Urdu Medium. The schools will have co-education system. In start, classes will be organized from Nursery to Eight.

MERA SCHOOL is not only a school but a literacy movement by which children and adults are motivated to get education to improve the literacy rate in Pakistan and also be aware about education and Islamic education..... .

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Flood Desaster 2014
Rodu Sultan, Jhang June, 2014

Unfortunately tragedy again struck Pakistan with massive floods of 2014. A large area of the country was again under water. Instead of becoming part of the conversation to fix blame on poor management of flood water.

UOL Relief decided to become part of the positive change again. It took on to providing for poorest of the poorest area by focusing on area on the Rhodu Sultan and Athara Hazari on the South-Western side of River Chenab. What we witnessed there was heart breaking.....

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Shelter Home 2012
Lahore September, 2012

In 2012, UOL Relief brought her attention closer to home where it collaborated with a local NGO for Deaf and Dumb vulnerable children, Voice.UOL Relief helped them establish a Shelter Home for these children many of them were also mentally or physically handicapped and often abandoned by their poor families.

This two years long project led to establishing of the Shelter Home in Lahore and with our planning, support and strategic advice it is now a fully self-sustained operation.Starting from 12 male and 5 female children today it is taking care of over 40 children.

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Primary School Tato
Tatto village, Raikot, Chelas 2012

There are more than 150 students, UOL Relief provided uniform, books and building for poor people. Soon it will be only middle school in this area.

The University of Lahore (UOL) Relief Team visited the area after getting a distress call from a local member of the community named Qari Rehmat Ullah

You may kindly note that The Trekking Team of UOL has been to the area many times in the past and has developed strong ties with the community there.

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Monthly Food Support Program
Balakot, Chillas, Skardu & Shangla September, 2015

In most of the Earthquakes and Floods affected people automatically lose access to the very basic need of life; Food. Our analysis have shown that many of these affected populations already do not have any healthy nutrition access. There are communities who have never tasted rice in their life and only rely on watered down goat milk with some hard corn bread. This is where UOL Relief ensures that each family can receive the required nutritional value in a regular, organised and most importantly respectful manner. This is also why all of our Food related deliveries are made to the door step of the people. UOL Relief continues to provide the food support to the family units until they are ready to be back on their feet.

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UOL Student Support Program
The University of Lahore 1998 to Present

Some calamities not only wipe out houses but also the sense of community when their places of education are wiped out. UOL Relief has made it a priority to provide a sense of normalcy and sometimes upliftment to these affected areas by building schools on emergency basis.

We have run schools from tents and have constructed large schools for the whole village. Educating thousands of children in the process while giving them sense of hope and the bright future ahead. Many of our projects have turned into supported proper schools, while other places have seen those children receiving Educational Support to continue their education in larger towns and cities.

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Reconstruction Houses 2011
Talis, Khaplu 2011

In 2011, where the country did not face any national catastrophe, UOL Relief while working in the area saw a tragedy unfold. Overnight an artificial dam formed on the river at Talis near Khaplu; and it started to swell up.

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Flood Disaster 2010
Balakot, Chillas, Skardu & Shangla 2010

This was very much time when Pakistan was going through one disaster after another. With the state exhausted and busy in security issues in one side and one natural disaster after another; Pakistan was hit with one of the worst floods in decades affecting over 50% of the country on a whole. Magnitude of the crisis was evidently not only beyond the Government’s capabilities but also of many organisations in operation. This time UOL Relief decided to further test her capabilities and her young volunteers’ resolve by operating in not only much larger geographical area but also in a much diverse locations. In next two years UOL Relief took on the mammoth task of running operations in three different provinces at the same time. With Charsada in Khyber Pakthunkawa, Rajanpur in Punjab, Chilas, Tatoo Valley, Thalay-Nala at Khaplu in Gilgit-Baltistan by providing food support, basic necessities of life, reconstruction support and material, bridge, water channels and even a primary school still run to this day by the UOL Relief.

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Swat 2010
Swat 2010

Next test of this resolve and feeling came when due to plague of terrorism whole Swat valley was engulfed in flames of terrorism. This and the subsequent operation of the Pakistan Army to expel these miscreants led to the first biggest Internally Displaced People (IDP) crisis Pakistan had ever seen.

UOL Relief sprang into action to provide food support in Mardan district. Over 2,000 families were supported in these program of food and other basic supplies for over 3 months’ timeat 15 days interval until the crisis subdued and these people started returning to their home. Mission was to not insult their honour by neither turning them into beggars nor treating them like ones.

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Earthquake Balakot 2005
Balakot 2005

Morning of 8th October 2005, a rude shaking of the buildings in Lahore brought students out of the classrooms in a scramble and after few minutes they were back to normal. In next one hour there were confusion of telephone ...

Next day students started to pour in to the administration offices and started asking if they could take few days off to help the victims of the Earthquake, or if University was doing anything about it. In next two days, disarrayed and disorganised efforts which was actually creating more trouble than solving the previous ones were popping up. This is when few in the University decided to organise a proper Relief effort.......

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