Flood Relief 2014
Rodu, Sultan September, 2015

Unfortunately tragedy again struck Pakistan with massive floods of 2014. A large area of the country was again under water. Instead of becoming part of the conversation to fix blame on poor management of flood water, UOL Relief decided to become part of the positive change again. It took on to providing for poorest of the poorest area by focusing on area on the Rhodu Sultan and Athara Hazari on the South-Western side of River Chenab.

What we witnessed there was heart breaking. When people told us about that they have lost nothing, the fact was they actually had nothing beside the pair of clothe they had on their body and two utensils for the food. UOL Relief took care of providing for the food, house construction, basic necessities and clothes. With slow speed of receding water, UOL Relief provided 5,000 mosquito nets to help avert some diseases in those desperate times.

UOL Relief also constructed 25 houses while providing over 1,000 food packages to local families. Our volunteers braved harsh conditions by wading through shoulder high water infested with insects and snakes at sometimes. UOL Relief had to make special provisions to protect the volunteers against snake bites.

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