Earthquake 2005
Green Town, Lahore September, 2015

Morning of 8th October 2005, a rude shaking of the buildings in Lahore brought students out of the classrooms in a scramble and after few minutes they were back to normal. In next one hour there were confusion of telephone ...

Next day students started to pour in to the administration offices and started asking if they could take few days off to help the victims of the Earthquake, or if University was doing anything about it. In next two days, disarrayed and disorganised efforts which was actually creating more trouble than solving the previous ones were popping up. This is when few in the University decided to organise a proper Relief effort. With the spirits of the students sky high, just in four days, by 12th October 6 trucks loaded with large tents and food boxes packed by the students were all ready to leave for the major hit town of Balakot.

On 13thOctober University of Lahore’s volunteers were on ground setting up an organised camp for the volunteers, surveying the surrounding areas, making their databases and providing the facilities to them at their place. This saw our students carrying 80kg tents on their backs through tough terrain to the most remote of the villages. This is the day, UOL Relief was formed. An idea to channel the power of Youth in the most constructive and channelized manner. In the subsequent months, UOL Relief collaborated with Pakistani, NATO and US Army, Red Cross, Iran Red Crescent, Cuban Medical mission along with various International NGOs (Action Against Hunger, Canadian Muslim Relief Council, International Friends of Humanity) to deliver services and support to areas as far flung as Union Council Jared.

In fact there were many times when UOL Relief’s pioneer teams were moving even before the Pakistan Army Engineers could clear the landslides. UOL Relief efforts in 2005 Earthquake not only made a strong network of the students but also showed to everyone involved what they are truly capable of. With 40 houses constructed, a functioning primary till higher secondary school, 3,000 temporary shelter tents, 12,500 family food packs, 8,500 quilts & blankets, 1,000 sets of kitchen utensils, and over 2,000 set of warm clothes, medical Care centre, over 25,000 KG cooking oil was distributed, 150 tents were weather insulated, 130 widows were taken care of in respect of food and shelter. This project finally concluded in 2006, but the medical camps have continued till 2012. PROJECTS / IMAGES

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