What We Think About Our Charity
UOL Mission

University of Lahore (UOL) is the largest educational institute in Pakistan among private sector and offering more than 150 degree programs. UOL comprises on seven campuses in different cities. UOL is providing quality education with dynamic opportunities to bring positive social change in society with the help of young blood enthusiasm and their active participation with idealistic educational approach.

Beginning of UOL Relief Trust

UOL Relief Trust is a bold initiative of a highly motivated and kind hearted couple of Husband wife Mr Nasir Mehmood (Pro-rector Academics UOL) and Mrs Farah Mehmood (Director UOL Relief Trust), after the mass disaster and horrible destruction accord due to Earthquake in Pakistan in the year of 2005.

Since 2005 UOL Relief Trust has privileged to motivate the youth of university and training them to encounter the emergencies with uplift projects and relief efforts.

UOL Relief Trust has the vast team of volunteer students along with alumni students of UOL who are still in touch with UOL Relief Trust and providing their professional support in the service of humanity. Our volunteers have full potential and capacity to deal with disaster of flooding, earthquake miseries and full assistance to physically handicap children & adults.

Our volunteers have firm believe that they are not only serving the humanity on the plat form of UOL Relief Trust but also they are facilitating themselves for their inner soul satisfaction.

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