UOL Student Support Program
Green Town, Lahore September, 2015

Some calamities not only wipe out houses but also the sense of community when their places of education are wiped out. UOL Relief has made it a priority to provide a sense of normalcy and sometimes upliftment to these affected areas by building schools on emergency basis.

We have run schools from tents and have constructed large schools for the whole village. Educating thousands of children in the process while giving them sense of hope and the bright future ahead. Many of our projects have turned into supported proper schools, while other places have seen those children receiving Educational Support to continue their education in larger towns and cities.

This is also why UOL Relief has also contributed a lot of bright and deserving students to the University of Lahore’s Outreach Program. A large number of bright students from Gilgit-Baltistan and FATA have been offered scholarships at the University of Lahore to pursue higher education and be the change for not only their families but sometimes the whole villages. We are proud to have not only many success stories in making, but also many of them have already graduated and gone on to have wonderful careers for themselves.

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