What we do

UOL Relief works in a wide variety of sectors, however our main goal is always to provide emergency relief and once that is done analyse the ways affected community’s life quality can be increased. This is then achieved by a careful planning of socially and culturally approach to housing, medical care, and education among many ways.

This approach has led us to not only be respected by the local communities, but also trusted by them. Enabling us to work longer with them for a sustainable growth and improvement in the lives of the people in question.

Emergency Relief

In the times of crisis whether it is man-made or natural, most important thing is to provide an emergency relief. This might be in shape of emergency shelter, access, clothes or other basic necessities of life. UOL Relief is equipped with knowledge and expertise of over a decade in assessing in a very methodical manner the needs of the areas, organising the efforts and then delivering the services to the doorstep in a respectful manner as per the norms of the local area.

Medical care

UOL Relief taps in to the expertise of the University of Lahore’s University College of Medicine & Dentistry (UCMD) to deliver top of the line Medical care to the people in dire needs. Just as an aftermath of 2005 Earthquake UOL Relief took care of over 5000 people, mostly children with removal of the rods from their limbs being put in to fix their fractures during the Earthquake. After the Emergency Relief efforts ended in the city, thousands of these young people were left with prospect of great disability since the rods started to impede in their growth.

Food Security

In most of the Earthquakes and Floods affected people automatically lose access to the very basic need of life; Food. Our analysis have shown that many of these affected populations already do not have any healthy nutrition access. There are communities who have never tasted rice in their life and only rely on watered down goat milk with some hard corn bread.

Vulnerable People Support

Injured, widowed and orphaned people during calamities or physically and mentally children are all left at the perils of the society. UOL Relief has also made it a mission to provide services to them. Many of such individuals or families are identified during various projects in the area and then they are provided with Support under a project plan to get them in a self-sustaining mode.

Community Uplift

UOL Relief carries out specialist projects to do upliftment of the whole communities. Some of our projects include Water supply (irrigation and drinking), education support (tent schools, community schools, outreach), health care (camps, units), housing (emergency shelter, family units, permanenet houses, earthquake resistant housing) and infrastructure (bridge construction, water channels).

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