What We Think About Our Charity

University of Lahore (UOL) is one of the largest Private Sector Universities of Pakistan, with over 150 degree programs in offering across 7 campuses. That presented with a very unique set of opportunity to bring about a change in our immediate surrounding where these many thousand young souls and idealist educationalists could actually actively participate. It was however the devastating Earthquake* of October 2005 which not only resulted in creation of this strong and organised effort but started a new wave of Youth-powered-social change.

Since 2005, UOL Relief (a registered charity XXXX, Lahore, Pakistan) has had the privilege to channel the student power of the University into numerous social upliftment projects and emergency relief efforts. Our team of complete volunteers have braved landslides of Hindukush to the humid waist high flooding to dealing with physically disabled vulnerable children for last 10 years with a smile on their face and a content heart.

Our volunteers believe that they are not only doing a service to the vulnerable community around them but also to themselves by humbling in face of such mega calamities.

Today our alumni-volunteers are well placed in organisations around the world, and even today they get back in touch with us to contribute in whatever technical or material way they can. We are daily not only affecting other lives but also improving our own in the process.

*Earthquake struck the Northern Areas of Pakistan and Kashmir, effecting areas as far as Afghanistan and India. One of the deadliest Earthquake of the century resulted in over 80,000 deaths and many more orphaned or physically and financially handicapped for life.

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